Birth of an idea

For years I had noticed so many of my close relatives, friends, and acquaintances suffer from undiagnosed mental health issues. These are people that were financially viable and socially “normal” by society's standards.  Behind closed doors they suffered in silence and fought beasts that could have been tamed with professional help. I had become part of this grouping of minority individuals superficially making it through life with all the necessary tools, but with mental hang-ups. I'd constantly told myself things like "snap out of it”, "man up", or "get over it". I was unaware of the systemic approach I had grown accustomed to. In 2017 a string of traumatic events forced me to start facing my underlying issues. I sought guidance and professional help and found that there was an evident problem and I had been ignoring it. I also found a lot of red tape and drawbacks when it came to accessing mental health information and modern mental services for minority individuals. I quickly realized that this could have been one of the many causes behind several of the people I watched suffer from mental illness not seeking the proper medical treatment. I then considered the huge costs associated with untreated mental illness and asked myself "How can you help bridge the gap and build a platform to advocate for mental healthcare". 

For weeks I pondered going thru my skill sets contemplating how do I become a part of this hugely growing conversation without overstepping my own limitations. Then one evening after a lonngggggg day at my "regular job" I came home to my small workshop to build a new bench. That's when it clicked "You could share this with the world your passions for woodworking, art, designing and creating and show how you use it to combat your own anxiety and depression". I smirked and thought "don't be naïve there's enough of those types all over the internet". Several weeks passed and the idea faded until I watch a design documentary that hovered over the idea about wellness and design and it totally ousted the entire ethos of what I couldn't frame just weeks before. So I jotted down some notes and sketched out some designs and voila A Brown Hue LLC was born with the intentions to form a design ecosystem that is spearheaded by high quality, eco-conscious, chemically free furniture and apparel. Our ultimate goal is to be a part of the modern renaissance that's happening in furniture world. That uses modern product design to aide in everyday wellness while simultaneously increasing awareness on the importance of creating a better tomorrow for future generations by becoming more eco-freindly. 



Verrone Sims