Wood and Finishes

We offer a range of wood species from softwoods to hardwoods as to appeal to different aesthetics and budgets but we are committed to using species that are more sustainable and eco friendly. Here are a sample of the species we choose to build with and the finishes in which we use:






Old Growth Pine

Midcentury Douglas Fir


Our products come with 3 different non toxic low-to zero-voc finishing options that help showcase the natural beauty of the wood’s color and character.

1.Your first option is a hand rub oil finish which gives a semi-gloss topcoat that builds durability and sheen with each coat applied. It has excellent abrasion and scratch resistance and takes a high polish, if such is desired. Made from highly polymerized linseed oil fortified with natural resin varnish, which is derived from pine sap. 

2.Your 2nd option is a grain-enhancing finish that’s durable and safe enough for application on furniture, trim, toys, cupboards, tables and doors. Dries quickly and dries clear and uses whey protein to seal and protect wood against water and chemicals.

3. Your 3rd option is a Hard Wax Oil which is a blend of premium quality tung oil and carnauba wax to give superior protection to interior wooden furniture. Maintaining the natural look of the wood, it forms a highly durable barrier on soft and hardwoods against water, stains, heat, dirt and wear and tear.

We also use non toxic wood stains.The colors are light stable and UV resistant and does not contain biocides.